Solid Earth Forum – July 2018

@ Room 710, School of Science Building 1

July 4 (Wed), 16:30~18:00
Toshitsugu Yamazaki (Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute)
Title: Biogenic magnetites in marine sediments: implications to paleomagnetism, environmental rock magnetism, and microbiology

July 11 (Wed)
Yuki Hibiya / Auto Sato (Interim report for doctor thesis)

July 18 (Wed)
Masahiko Sato

July 25 (Wed) 16:00 – 18:00
Keita Itano (Interim report for doctor thesis 1)
Title: モナザイト年代学・地球科学:大陸地殻研究への応用

Anselme Borgeaud (Interim report for doctor thesis 2)
Title: Imaging slabs in the Earth’s mantle transition zone and D″ layer beneath Central America and the Caribbean using waveform inversion