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About ANISOtime

1. Purpose: There is nice free public software (e.g., TauP tool kit) for isotropic spherically symmetric models but none (as far as we know) for transversely isotropic (TI) spherically symmetric models, so we wrote this program for our own work. Since other people might want to use it too, we are making it freely available.

2. Theory: See Vlaar (1969, BSSA) and Woodhouse (1981, PEPI).

3. Current status: This is an b-test version Sahagin. We keep improving efficiency and will release more stable version including new features on demand. Please let us know if you would like to have a more efficient version or more features. (We can not make any promises but we will do our best.)         

4. Environment: You need Java SE Runtime Environment 8 or higher. Download it from the link below if you do not have it yet. If you are not sure about the version you have, click here to check.

5. ANISOtime is bundled Kibrary, a library for waveform inversion, which can be found in GitHub.

6. If you have questions/comments/bug reports, please contact us.

ANISOtime team: Kensuke Konishi, Anselme F.E. Borgeaud, Kenji Kawai and Robert J. Geller


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Java SE Runtime Environment 8 from Oracle (This is necessary to run ANISOtime)

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Last updated: Jul 14 2016; Since Aug 3, 2015; Copyright Kensuke Konishi, Anselme F.E. Borgeaud, Kenji Kawai, Robert J. Geller