Geller-Fest Workshop on "Big Data in Geosciences: From Earthquake Swarms to Consequences of Slab Dynamics"

(To celebrate Bob Geller's retirement from the Univ. of Tokyo)

Dates: Thursday May 25 (evening)—Saturday May 27 (late afternoon), 2017
Place: The University of Tokyo, Hongo campus, Tokyo, Japan

In honor of Bob Geller's retirement from the University of Tokyo (March 31, 2017), we plan a small gathering (about 40-80 attendees) where people can talk to each other on a human scale, hear interesting talks, learn new stuff, and leave feeling inspired to do cool new research. This meeting will be eclectic.

The last few years have seen the impact of Big Data in science, technology, and society throughout the world. Geoscientists have been somewhat slow in adapting to this revolution, which involves the blossoming of a fourth paradigm involving harnessing the enormous amount of data collected by sensors of all sorts and numerical simulations in both forward and nonlinear inverse problems. We wish to evoke greater interest in this revolutionary movement by gathering at a workshop to be held at the University of Tokyo, Hongo campus on Friday May 26 and Saturday May 27, 2017, to be preceded by an icebreaker on the evening of Thursday May 25, at a site within the campus.

The two main topics will revolve around earthquake swarms and the multi-scale consequences of slab dynamics, which will include both short timescale events associated with earthquakes and landslides and slab dynamics over geological timescales ranging from millions to billions of years. Both forward modeling and inversion techniques will be emphasized, because they are part of the data analysis procedures. However, presentations on other topics related to Big Data in Geosciences will also be welcomed. We have already contacted more than 25 geoscientists, statistical experts and applied mathematicians, including:

Robert J. Geller
Philip B. Stark
David A. Yuen
Taku Tsuchiya
Shigenori Maruyama
Kyle Mandli
J. Bernard Minster
Peter R. Mora
Gabriele Morra
Richard Strelitz
Satoshi Ide
Greg Beroza
Heiner Igel
Yuichiro Tanioka
Toshi Ebisuzaki
Kenji Kawai
Mikito Furuichi
Daisuke Nishiura
Stefano Salvi
Francesco Mulargia
Seth Stein
Arthur Bauville
Yukio Isozaki
Huai Zhang
Klaus Regenauer-Lieb

Tentative Schedule

Thursday May 25 19:00 Icebreaker (University of Tokyo, Hongo campus)
Friday May 26 09:00-17:30 (Presentations, with lunch break)
18:00-20:00 Dinner (University of Tokyo, Hongo Campus)
Saturday May 27 09:00-17:30 (Presentations, with lunch break)


We will reserve rooms on request at the Forest Hongo hotel near the campus. Or participants can book their own rooms.

Approximate cost

The estimated cost is as follows (not including accommodations)

Full workshop (2 days including icebreaker and dinner): JPY25,000
1 day (including either icebreaker OR dinner): JPY15,000

Special Volume

We plan to have Robert Geller, Gabriele Morra, David Yuen and Kenji Kawai as the guest editors for a special volume. We are now negotiating with publishers. Our proposed schedule for producing the special volume is as follows.

Deadline for of submission of papers: January 25, 2018
All reviews to be finished: by June, 2018
Submission of the final manuscripts: by mid-October, 2018
Final date of Publication: end of 2018 or January, 2019

Organizing Committee

David A. Yuen (daveyuen(AT)
Kenji Kawai (kenji(AT)

Local Organizing Committee


Kenji Kawai
Anselme Borgeaud
Yuki Suzuki
Lina Yamaya

Last Updated: April 23, 2017