Study on fast and slow earthquakes in world subduction zones

Extention of "Study on slow earthquakes and tremor based on unified data analysis", also studying relationships between slow and fast earthquakes.. (JSPS Kakenhi Kiban-A, 2016-2020, 16H02219)

Science of Slow Earthquakes

Organizing the geiphysical modeling group C01 (MEXT Kakenhi Shingakujutsu, 2016-2020, 16H06477).

Study on slow earthquakes and tremor based on unified data analysis

Tectonic tremor and slow earthquakes have been discovered in many subduction zones worldwide. We analyze data sets in various fields to find their physical properties and relationships to megathrust earthquakes. (JSPS Kakenhi Kiban-A, 2011-2015, 23244090)

KAkenhi for NAnkai Megathrust Earthquake

Organizing the modeling group C02 (MEXT Kakenhi Shingakujutsu, 2009-2013, 21107007).
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DYNTOHOKU: Dynamics of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake: from long term stress accumulation to asperities

Japanese-French Joint Research Project. PI Japan Side (ANR FLASH / JST J-RAPID, 2011.10-2013.3)

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