Slow Earthquake Database

User policy (brief summary)

  • Refer designated references for any resultant production.
  • Follow each catalog's individual policy.
  • Use at your own risk.
  • Data may be updated without any notice.
  • Acknowledge our project.
  • Not for commercial use.
  • No redistribution.

* See here for full policy statement

1. Time Span

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Data Format

date: date (yyyy-mm-dd)
time: time (HH:MM:SS)
year: year (yyyy)
month: month (mm)
day: day (dd)
hour: hour (HH)
min: minute (MM)
sec: second (SS.CS)
timezone: time difference from Universal Time [hour]
lat: latitude [degree]
lon: longitude [degree]
dep: depth [km]
mag: magnitude
mrr, mrt, mpp, mrt, mrp, mtp: moment tensor (Global CMT) [Nm]
strike: strike [degree]
dip: dip [degree]
rake: rake [degree]
length: length [km]
width: width [km]
slip: slip [m]
duration: duration [s]
err_t: uncertainty of time [s]
err_x: uncertainty of latitude [km]
err_y: uncertainty of longitude [km]
err_z: uncertainty of depth [km]
err_lat: uncertainty of latitude [degree]
err_lon: uncertainty of longitude [degree]
catalog: name of catalog
ref: reference
udate: date last modified


Google Map

Plate boundary: BP2002 [Bird, 2002]


Refer to Policy page for details.

Direct Download of Slow Earthquakes



We are collecting slow earthquake catalogs to integrate into Slow Earthquake Database. If you are willing to share your published catalogs of slow earthquakes, please participate our project in the following steps.

  1. Check and agree with the general policy of our project.
  2. Send a request through the form including citing information and other requirements. We will guide you how you can send us your catalog.
  3. Send us your catalog in the designated way. We will send you the catalog converted to our unified format together with the finalized version of policy statements.
  4. Confirm the converted catalog and policy. After receiving your confirmation, we will list your catalog on Slow Earthquake Database.