Solid Earth Forum gives opportunities for all the members of our group to present and discuss their research. Invited talks from other institutes are held as required. Feel free to participate in this seminar.

固体地球フォーラム Solid Earth Forum July 2019

2019年 7月 31日 (July 31) 16:30 – 18:00 @ Room 710Lingsen Meng (UCLA)“Application of Seismic Array Back-Projections to Rupture Imaging and Beyond” High-frequency seismic waveforms recorded by large regional arrays have enabled back-projections (BP), an emerging tool to probe kinematic rupture processes. In this talk, I present our effort of improving the resolution and reducing … Continue reading “固体地球フォーラム Solid Earth Forum July 2019”


固体地球フォーラム 博士論文中間発表 Student’s interim presentation

7 月 10 日(水)@ Room 710 16:00 – 17:00 佐藤 侑人(地球惑星科学専攻 博士課程) Structure and Dynamic Processes of Lithosphere-Asthenosphere Boundary Zone Decoded by Geothermobarometry of Spinel Peridotite Xenoliths 17:00 – 18:00 水野 尚人(地球惑星科学専攻 博士課程)Analysis of slip evolution of tectonic tremor using similarity search 6 月 26 日(水)@ Room 710 16:00 – 17:00 鈴木 裕輝(地球惑星科学専攻 博士課程) 3D anisotropic … Continue reading “固体地球フォーラム 博士論文中間発表 Student’s interim presentation”


固体地球フォーラム 4 – 6月 Solid Earth Forum

6月4日(火) June 4th, 16:30 〜 18:00 @ Room 710 Ved Lekic さん (University of Maryland) Large-Scale Elastic Structure of Lower Mantle with Implications for Viscosity 5月21日(水) 16:30 〜 18:00 @ 710号室 Jessica Irving さん(Princeton University) Deeper and Deepest: the seismic structure of Earth’s outer and inner core 4月24日(水) 16:30 〜 18:00 @ 710号室 佐藤 哲郎さん(東京大学大気海洋研究所) … Continue reading “固体地球フォーラム 4 – 6月 Solid Earth Forum”


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