Ryosuke Ando (Ph.D. in science)

Affiliation: EPS, University of Tokyo
Position: Associate professor
Email: ando (at) eps.s.u-tokyo (dot) ac (dot) jp


Research subjects
Physics of regular and slow earthquakes, Seismotectonics, Paleoseismology, Evolution of fault system, Multi scale modeling, Boundary integral equation method, eXtended Finite Element Method, Image analysis, Hazard modeling particularly of fault displacement

  • a PR article
    (Photo: Field survey of 2011, Mj7.0, Fukushima earthquake)

  • Dynamic earthquake rupture simulations
    New successful simulation results of the 2016, M 7.9 Kaikoura, New Zealand earthquake is in press.
  • Fast Domain Partioning Method (FDPM) for spatio-temporal boundary integral equations: new efficient technique
  • General model for slow earthquakes considering brittle-plastic heterogeneity

  • Surveys and modelings of large earthquake histories

    New results of the "Genroku-type" Kanto earthquake have been released (2017, May, 10)
  • Publications

    Lab member: Research subjects
    We are seeking students with broad interests in deformations of the solid earth system. Our lab welcomes who likes numerical analyses or field surverys, and who has a willingness to understand earthquakes and faults.
    Field studies are supervised also by Prof. Masanobu Shishikura (PI at GSJ/AIST). We constitute a research group with Prof. Satoshi Ide's lab.

  • Daisuke Sato, D4FDevelopment of efficient BIEM algorithms, theoretical earthquake source study
  • Junki Komori, D1FPaleoseismological surrvey and modeling of Kanto earthquakes
  • Kyohei Suzuki, M2FMechanical modeling of earthquake-generated crustal deformations
  • Graduate Admission information
    Note: Your scores of GRE and TOEFL are required upon the applications.