Prof. Hirose received Robert Wilhelm Bunsen Medal

Prof. Hirose received Robert Wilhelm Bunsen Medal from The European Geosciences Union (EGU).

This medal was established in recognition of the scientific acchievement of Robert Wilherm Bunsen. It is awareded to significant research in geochemistry, mineralogy, petrology, and volcanology.

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Robert Wilhelm Bunsen Medal:

Mr. Tagawa (D2) won 2018’s AGU’s Presentation Award

Mr. Tagawa, who is a second year doctoral course student and PhD. candidate in my lab., won a AGU’s Outstanding Student Presentation Award at AGU Fall meeting 2018 at Washington D.C.

The presentation title is DI43C-0033: Phase relations in non-stoichiometric FeHx at high pressures.

AGU said that,
“This prize is a great honor for young scientists at the beginning of their careers and the top 3-5% of presenters in each Section are awarded an OSPA.”

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