Hirose Lab. presentations @ AGU Fall meeting 2019


Monday, 9 / 09:35 – 09:40 / Moscone South – Hall D, Inspire Stage – Centennial Central
U11D – SiO2 and molten silicate release from the core; implications for dynamo and material transport from the core to mantle (Invited)
Kei Hirose

Monday, 9 / 17:15 – 17:30 / Moscone South – 151, Upper Mezz.
DI14A-06 – Inner core crystallization through the F-layer as a constraint for core composition
Irene Bonati, Marine Lasbleis, John W Hernlund and Kei Hirose

Tuesday, 10 / 17:45 – 18:00 / Moscone South – 152, Upper Mezz.
MR23A-07 – Thermal Conductivity of CaSiO3 Perovskite at Lower Mantle Conditions (Invited)
Zhen Zhang, Kotaro Onga, Dong-Bo Zhang, Akira Hasegawa, Kenji Ohta, Tao Sun, Kei Hirose and Renata Wentzcovitch

Tuesday, 10 / 17:45 – 18:00 / Moscone South – 152, Upper Mezz.
MR24A-08 – Evaluating self-diffusion coefficient of iron under high pressure by a combination of resistive-heated diamond anvil cell and secondary ion mass spectrometry
Yohan Park, Kenji Ohta, Shoichi Itoh and Kei Hirose

Wednesday, 11 / 13:40 – 13:55 / Moscone South – 152, Upper Mezz.
MR33A-01 – Hydrogen Limits Carbon in Liquid Iron (Invited)
Kei Hirose, Shoh Tagawa, Yasuhiro Kuwayama, Ryosuke Sinmyo and Guillaume Morard

Thursday, 12 / 10:38 – 10:52 / Moscone South – 303-304, L3
U42B-02 – Transfer of SiO2 from the core to the mantle and its fate in the Earth in early and present times
George R Helffrich, Maxim Ballmer, Guillaume Morard, Koichiro Umemoto, Ryuichi Nomura, Ryosuke Sinmyo, Anat Shahar, Stephane Labrosse, John W Hernlund and Kei Hirose

Friday, 13 / 08:15 – 08:30 / Moscone South – 152, Upper Mezz.
MR51A-02 – Core-mantle partitioning of hydrogen (Invited)
Kei Hirose, Shoh Tagawa, Naoya Sakamoto, Yasuo Ohishi and Hisayoshi Yurimoto

Tuesday, 10 / AM
DI21A-0010 – Core Isotopes Without Core Siderophiles
John W Hernlund, Kang Wei Lim, Irene Bonati, Scott David Hull and Kei Hirose

Tuesday, 10 / PM
DI23B-0039 – Electrical resistivity saturation in hcp Fe-Si alloys at high P-T conditions
Hayato Inoue, Sho Suehiro, Kenji Ohta, Kei Hirose and Yasuo Ohishi

Tuesday, 10 / PM
DI23B-0049 – Electrical resistivity of fcc phase of iron hydrides at high pressures and temperatures
Kenji Ohta, Sho Suehiro, Kei Hirose and Yasuo Ohishi

Tuesday, 10 / PM
DI23B-0058 – Sound velocity measurements on hcp-FeHx (x<1) under high pressures by femtosecond pulse laser pump-probe technique
Tatsuya Wakamatsu, Kenji Ohta, Shoh Tagawa, Takashi Yagi, Kei Hirose and Yasuo Ohishi

Tuesday, 10 / PM
DI23B-0061 – Melting in the Fe-O-H system at 40 GPa
Kenta Oka, Kei Hirose, Shoh Tagawa and Yasuo Ohishi

Tuesday, 10 / PM
DI23B-0063 – Mutual Exclusivity between Si and H in Solid Iron under High Pressure
Koutaro Hikosaka, Kei Hirose and Shoh Tagawa

Wednesday, 11 / AM
DI31B-0010 – High P-T thermal conductivity measurements using externally- and laser-heated DAC on MgSiO3 bridgmanite and Fe-bearing post-perovskite
Yoshiyuki Okuda, Kenji Ohta, Akira Hasegawa, Takashi Yagi, Kei Hirose, Saori Imada and Yasuo Ohishi

Wednesday, 11 / AM
DI31B-0011 – Thermal conductivity of MgO periclase up to 140 GPa and 2000 K
Akira Hasegawa, Kenji Ohta, Takashi Yagi and Kei Hirose

Friday, 13 / AM
MR51D-0082 – Liquid Immiscibility in the Fe-S-H System at Conditions of Earth’s Core Formation
Shunpei Yokoo, Kei Hirose and Shoh Tagawa