We know that the interior of the earth is actually divided into many layers, just like an onion. When you peel away these layers one at a time from the outside in the same way you would peel an onion’s skin, you finally come to the core. The mantle above the core is also divided into four layers, and by 1974 we had identified what the first three layers were made of. When it comes to the lowest layer, the fourth layer, however, there were all kinds of hypotheses but they all remained in the realm of conjecture. This is why I wanted to elucidate the true nature of this material that formed the fourth layer.

My own determination as a scientist to take up for the first time in the world experiments that nobody had ever attempted.

The most important things are enthusiasm, effort and a little bit of luck. Moreover, in everything you do, it is important to first meet the challenge without making up your mind at the outset that it is impossible. This simple way of looking at things will change your life significantly. If some of you hold the view that you may not be able to pursue the scientific path just because your grades aren’t good, get rid of such a silly notion immediately and instead pursue every challenge that comes your way. When you do that, the path to the future will naturally open up before you.

Kei Hirose