Welcome to Tsuyoshi Iizaka's Lab Website!
We study a wide range of samples such as geological samples and meteorites.
Using FE-SEM, EPMA and mass spectrometers (LA-ICP-MS, ICP-QMS, MC-ICP-MS, SIMS and TIMS), we study the Solar System and the Earth formation and their evolution processes.
We are welcome to join us!


Thanks FY2022. Enjoy FY2023!  
Farewell party was held.  
Updated publications.  
Winter in UTokyo. University Museum and Botanical Garden.  
Hibiya et al.(2023) was published!  
Happy New Year!  
Autumn in UTokyo. Nice.  
Lab Party was held. We enjoyed churrasco.  
Prof. Iizuka will give a lecture for high school students on Dec. 28th. (produce: JpGU)  
Mr. Ito gave a presentation about an antarctic meteorite at the Symposium on Polar Science (online, held by NIPR). Nice work!  
Seminar (A Semester) has begun. Freshmen for Iizuka Lab (B4) joined. Let's enjoy research!  
We participated the Conference by the Geochemical Society of Japan held in Kochi University and online. It was a wonderful time.  
Mr. Ito came back from UC Davis with sophisticated skills.  
Mr. Ito will study at UC Davis for 6 months supported by JSPS program.  
Thesis were all submitted by the students who will graduate. Well done!  
Lab OB and OG Party was held in Tokyo. We had a good time.  
We are analyzing the Ryugu samples from Hayabusa-2 mission.  
Our clean room was renewal.  
Itano Keita (OB) became an assistannt professor at Akita university.  
Hibiya Yuki (OG) became an assistannt professor at the university of Tokyo.  
Added some photos of the graduation ceremony 2021  
 Updated people (PD Nasser, Egypt) !!  
Updated people

Updated publications

Updated publications

Participated in an annual meeting of The geochemical society of Japan. Yuki Hibiya won the best student presentation award!!!

Updated publications

Added some photos of the NIPR2017

Our paper on monazite geochemistry has been accpeted!!

Finaly open!!