Structural Petrology & Tectonics Group

Solid Earth Science Group
Department of Earth and Planetary Science, Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo (UTokyo)


Prof. S. R. Wallis School of Science, UTokyo Department of Earth & Planetary Science, School of Science, UTokyo

Visiting Researcher: T. Nagaya (Tokyo Gakugei University, Lecturer)
Foreign researcher (Ronpaku): E. Hassan
JSPS Post Doc: S. Soejima
D3: T. Morohoshi
D2: T. Ito, Y. Koyama
M2: S. Masuda, A. Takahata
M1: K. Aida

    • Graduated Students

      2024/3 T. Yeo (D), S. Soejima(D), S. Maehara(M), K. Aida (U)
      2019/9-2023/3 Assistant Prof. T. Nagaya (Currently Tokyo Gakugei University, Lecturer)
      2023/3 K. Yamaoka (D), T. Ito (M), Y. Koyama (M)
      2022/3 T. Morohoshi (M), S. Maehara (U)
      2021/3 K. Yoshida (M), S. Soejima (M), T. Ito (U), Y. Koyama (U)
      2020/3 I. Sakaguchi (D), K. Yamaoka (M)
      2019/3 M. Yokota (M), N. Kameda (M)
      2018/3 D. Tsang (D), K. Sadamoto (M), N. Hanamoto (M)
      2017/3 Y. Harada (M), M. Yokota (U), N. Kameda (U)
      2016/3 T. Nagaya (D), H. Kawahara (M), K. Sadamoto (U)
      2014/3 T. Kondo (U)
      2013/3 H. Mori (D), N. Mori (M)
      2012/3 T. Nagaya (M)
      2011/3 A. Nishii (M), Y. Inoue (U)
      2010/3 S. Endo (D), C. Shirakawa (M), M. Mitsuishi (M)
      2009/3 H. Mori (M), A. Nishi (U)
      2008/3 H. Kobayashi (M)
      2007/3 S. Endo (M), M. Mitsuishi (U)
      2006/3 T. Fukunari (M), H. Shimizu (M), H. Kobayashi (U)
      2005/3 M. Ohtani (M), S. Endo (U)
      2004/3 T. Fukunari (U), H. Shimizu (U)
      2003/3 T. Mizukami (D), K. Chikaraishi (U), M. Ohtani (U)
      2002/3 Y. Adachi (M), H. Nakajima (U)
      2001/3 M. Matsumoto (M)
      2000/3 M. Aoya (D), Y. Moriyama (M), Y. Adachi (U), A. Watanabe (U)
      1999/3 M. Matsumoto (U)
      1998/3 K. Muta (M), T. Makino (M), Y. Moriyama (U)
      1996/3 M: Aoya (M)

    • PD researchers

      2023/03/29 - 09/28 Olivia Hogg
      2018/3 - 2018/9 Eva Hartung
      2014/12 - 2016/12 Nicola Clark
      2014/8 - 2014/12 Owen Weller
      2013/10 - 2014/2 Daeyeong Kim
      2011/7 - 2011/10 Luca Caricchi
      2010/5 - 2011/5 Izabella Nowak
      2005/4 - 2008/3 Tomoyuki Mizukami

Examples of Recent International Collaboration

Univ. Geneva, Switzerland: Prof. L. Caricchi (development of plutonic systems)
Univ. Southern California, USA: Prof J. P. Platt (development of microstructure in two phase rocks)
Univ. Oxford, UK: Prof. J. D. Blundy (volcanism and natural resources) Univ. Oxford, UK: Prof. M. Kendall, Senior Research Fellow Dr. A. Walker (seismic anisotropy and microstructure)
Carnegie Mellon Univ, USA: Prof. M. DeGraef (development of EBSD systems)


15th April 2024

The April issue of the popular Elements magazine focuses on paired metamorphism in Japan and was published with Simon Wallis and the lead editor. Simon Wallis and Takayoshi Nagaya (OB) co-authored several of the papers. If you're interested, please have a look.

27th March 2024

Congratulations to Thomas on obtaining his doctorate. He will continue as a postdoctoral researcher in Japan.
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27th March 2024

Congratulations to Shogo Soejima (PhD) and Seiya Maehara (MSc) on their graduation. We wish them the best for the next stages in their careers.
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27th March 2024

Congratulations to Koki Aida on graduating and receiving the School of Science Undergraduate Award. Mr Aida will now join the graduate program.
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27th March 2024

Rock deformation structures seen in southern UK
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(1) Normal fault cutting interbedded mud and limestone

(2) Calcite veining and brecciation of limestone layer associated with normal faulting

(3) Fault showing slip of ~50 cm with well-developed calcite mineral fibers

(4) Close up of mineral fibers on fault plane


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Books and Special Issues

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